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Texas Banded Gecko Coleonyx brevis


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Texas Banded Gecko
credit: Hexasoft

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Family: Gekkonidae, Geckos view all from this family

Description Tan with darker spots and cream/pinkish bands. White-rimmed eyelids and supple skin. Granular scales on back. Slender toes.

Dimensions 10-12cm. (4-4 3/4")

Voice Squeaking.

Breeding April-June. 2 eggs in a clutch.

Habitat Semi-arid habitats, and are often found around rock piles or canyon crevices.

Range New Mexico, Texas and ne. Mexico.

Discussion Nocturnal. Often seen on highways at night. Insects and small spiders form main diet. Stalks prey. When it sheds skin, it eats it.