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Flattened Musk Turtle Sternotherus depressus


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Flattened Musk Turtle
credit: Eugene van der Pijil

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Family: Kinosternidae, Musk and Mud Turtles view all from this family

Description Carpace flatter than any other species. Greenish/gray patterned neck. Chin has barbels.

Dimensions 7.6-11.4cm. (3-4 1/2")

Endangered Status The Flattened Musk Turtle is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as threatened in Alabama, where it lives in the upper Black Warrior River system. This turtle is a desirable target for the pet trade and has been significantly reduced in number by collectors. The other major threat to its survival has been degradation of its waterways by silt and pollution caused by runoff from mining, industrial, residential, agricultural, and logging concerns. This runoff can be toxic to the turtles themselves (one apparent effect is erosion of the turtles' shells), kills their prey species, and may make them more susceptible to disease.

Breeding Unknown.

Habitat Freshwater. Rock bottomed streams.

Range Very shy. Alabama Black Warrior River system.

Discussion Very shy. Active early morning. Seen interbreeding with Stripe-necked Turtles in its range.