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Ouachita Map Turtle Graptemys ouachitensis


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Ouachita Map Turtle, Ouachita subspecies
credit: Aaron Bishop

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Alternate name: Sabine Map Turtle

Family: Emydidae, Pond and Box Turtles view all from this family

Description Carapace features a row of low spines, and is serrated on the rim. The carapace is olive, dark brown, or black with light yellowish markings with dark borders. The plastron color varies from cream to yellow and is patterned with dark lines and swirls. The body color of the False Map Turtle is grayish brown to blackish and is marked with yellowish stripes.

Dimensions 9-13.8cm. (3 1/2-5 1/2"). Female: 12.7-24cm (5-9 1/2")

Subspecies Sabine Map Turtle - long yellow spot behind eye. Sabine River, Louisiana to Texas.
Ouachita Map Turtle - 1-3 neck stripes, spot behind eye and lower jaw. Nebraska to Iowa, illinois, indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. Also Ouachita River system in n. Louisiana.

Habitat Swamps, ponds, rivers and lakes.

Range Nebraska to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia. Lousiana Ouachita river system, Texas Sabine River system.

Discussion Feeds on aquatic species such as Shrimp, Insects, Mollusks and fish. They also consume Algae and aquatic plants. Easily kept as pets.