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Panamint Chipmunk Tamias panamintinus


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Family: Sciuridae, Squirrels view all from this family

Description A pale-colored chipmunk with a grayish head, rump, and thighs. Back has contrasting pale and brown stripes. The center pair of pale stripes are grayish, the outer pair are creamy white. Head is somewhat flattened. Colors are brightest in spring, dullest in late winter. The subspecies from the Kingston mountains is smaller and darker. Call rate lower (eight syllables) than Palmer’s Chipmunk.

Dimensions 230-239mm, 85-100mm, 74-89g; / 230-245mm, 90-101mm, 81-105g

Similar Species Redder than the Least Chipmunk. Has paler facial stripes and less contrasting dorsal stripes than Palmer’s, Lodgepole, Yellow-pine, and Uinta chipmunks.

Habitat Forests & woodlands

Range Southwest, California

Discussion Lives in pinyon pine and juniper habitat at high elevations (1500-2600m).