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Cactus Mouse Peromyscus eremicus


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Cactus Mouse
credit: NPS

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Family: Muridae, Mice and Rats view all from this family

Description Medium-sized mouse with long, soft, silky pelage and large ears. Body is pale gray washed with reddish brown above and whitish on the underparts. The head is grayish, and the lateral line is pale yellowish buff.

Dimensions 169-218mm, 92-117mm, 18-40g

Similar Species Smaller and grayer than the California Deermouse with a lateral line and less hair on the tail. Usually smaller than the Merriam’s Deermouse and lighter in color, with white (not creamy) underparts and without a cinnamon-colored pectoral patch. Lacks the densely-haired tail with tufted tip of the Brush or Canyon Deermouse.

Habitat Deserts

Range Southwest, Texas, California

Discussion Uses low desert areas and rocky foothills with scattered vegetation and sandy soils.