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Ord's Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys ordii

Track When moving slowly, all 4 feet touch ground and heel of hindfoot leaves complete print about 1 1/2" (38 mm) long, somewhat triangular, much wider at front than rear; foreprints much smaller, round, and between hindprints; when resting on ground, tail leaves a long, conspicuous drag mark. When hopping, heel of hindfoot is off ground, so hindprints are shorter, little or no tail mark shows, and forefeet may or may not print. Straddle more than 2" (50 mm) wide. Trails radiate and crisscross.

Sign 3" (75 mm) burrow openings, often in banks or sand dunes, with small mounds outside; small, shallow, scooped-out dusting spots, as well as burrows, reveal an inhabited area; a tap at a burrow entrance may get a response of drumming, the occupant's foot thumping as an alarm signal.
Scat: Brown or dark green, hard, oblong, very small (1/8 1/2"/313 mm long).