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Eastern Cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus

Track In clusters of 4. Foreprints almost round, about 1" (25 mm) wide; hindprints ahead of foreprints, oblong, about 34" (75100 mm) long, depending on size and speed of rabbit. When sitting or standing: 2 hindprints side by side, just behind 2 more closely spaced foreprints. When moving: 1 foreprint slightly ahead of the other; hindprints ahead of foreprints, as forefeet act as fulcrums for hops. Hindprints relatively short when moving fast, as less of leg touches down. Straddle 45" (100125 mm); stride varies with speed.

Sign Leaves network of narrow trails between resting places. Small woody sprigs cut off cleanly and at an angle (sprigs browsed by deer, which lack upper incisors, are raggedly torn). Gnaws bark from the base of sumacs and other soft-barked trees, leaving tooth marks larger than those of mice. Young trees stripped of bark to height of 34" (75100 mm) when snow is deep.
Scat: Dark brown, slightly flattened, pea-size pellets, usually in piles.