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Antelope Jackrabbit Lepus alleni


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Antelope Jackrabbit
credit: Nehrams2020/CCSA

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Family: Leporidae, Hares and Rabbits view all from this family

Description Large ears tipped in white. Back is yellowish brown darkened with black hairs; sharply demarcated sides are gray; underparts are white. Throat patch is orangish yellow. Large ears nearly naked except long white hair fringing the edge.

Dimensions 55-67cm, 5-8cm, 2.7-5.9kg

Habitat Deserts, Scrub, shrub & brushlands, Grasslands & prairies

Range Southwest

Discussion Only found in Mexico and southern Arizona. Nocturnal and crepuscular, rarely vocalizes. Does not drink water. Stands on hind feet and reaches high to forage on leaves, buds, and bark. Rests under bushes during the day. Favors desert plains with grasses, mesquites, and Acacia but can persist in areas with little vegetation from sea level to 1500m.