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Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus


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Masked Shrew
credit: Big iron

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Family: Soricidae, Shrews view all from this family

Description Tip of tail black. Medium-sized shrew lacking distinctive markings. Back brownish, fur of underparts is gray at base, paler at the tips. Darker color in winter. Tail is long (roughly 40% of total length), brown above and slightly paler below; dark tail tip not always obvious.

Dimensions 75-125mm, 30-50mm, 2-5g

Habitat Swamps, marshes & bogs, Meadows & fields, Forests & woodlands

Range Plains, Great Lakes, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Alaska

Discussion Also known as Cinereus Shrew. .) Nocturnal and rarely seen. Common in northern forests, shrublands, grassy areas, and herbaceous habitats.