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Dall's Sheep Ovis dalli


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Dall's Sheep, male
credit: David McMaster = BlindGoofy/CCSA

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Family: Bovidae, Cattle, Goats, and Sheep view all from this family

Description A northern sheep with large horns that grow continuously through life. Coat color is usually uniform white; the subspecies O. d. stonei from Yukon and British Columbia is silvery gray with a white muzzle, leg trimmings, and rump patch. Male is larger than female, with larger horns.

Dimensions 1.3-1.8m, 7-12cm, 73-110kg; / 1.3-1.6m, 7-9cm, 46-50kg

Similar Species Horns are a bit smaller than in the Bighorn Sheep, and more widely flaring. Winter coat is much thicker.

Breeding Breeding season is November and December, and a single lamb is born in May after 171-day gestation period, on high, precipitous cliffs. Lambs weigh 3-4kg at birth, are precocial, and follow their mother the first day. They are weaned at 3-5 months, and weigh 30kg by 9 months.

Habitat Alpine & subalpine habitats

Range Western Canada, Alaska

Discussion Gregarious, but males and females come together only during the rut. Males fight for access to females using the huge horns to ram each other. Feeds on grasses and low shrubs. Typically migrates between summer and winter ranges in its rugged mountain habitat.