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Long-tailed Weasel Mustela frenata

Track Hindprints 3/4" (18 mm) wide, 1" (25 mm) long or more, usually with only 4 of 5 toes printing. Foreprints slightly wider than hindprints, but approximately half as long. Hindfeet usually placed in or near foreprints, but sometimes side by side, or with 1 slightly ahead. Straddle 3" (75 mm). Stride varies as weasels run and bound, often alternating long and short leaps: when carrying prey or stalking, 12" (300 mm); when running, 20" (500 mm).

Sign In deep snow: drag marks; holes where weasel has plunged under snow. Cache of dead mice or voles under log or in burrow.
Scat: Dark brown or black, long, slender and segmented, often tapering at one end; frequently contains hair or bits of bone; deposited on rocks, logs, or stumps.