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Wolverine Gulo gulo

Track Sometimes all 5 toes and semi-retractile claws print; small toe often does not print. Foreprint 47" (100175 mm) long, varying with size of animal or condition of snow, and about as wide; heel pad often showing 2 lobes, a wide lobe in front of smaller round lobe, which does not always print. Hindprint similar to foreprint. Tracks are about 4 1/2" (112 mm) wide (larger in snow). Stride extremely variable; straddle 78" (175200 mm). Wolf and dog tracks are similar but have only 4 toes and much different lobing.

Sign Scat: Often more than 5" (125 mm) long, more or less cylindrical, usually tapering at one or both ends, semi-segmented; often showing hair or bone fragments.