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Stoplight Parrotfish Sparisoma viride


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Stoplight Parrotfish, supermale
credit: Adona9/CCSA

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Family: Scaridae, Parrotfishes view all from this family

Description The Stoplight parrotfish is a sex-changing fish inhabiting coral reefs in Florida, Bahamas, the Caribbean, eastern Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, and Brazil. Its typical length is between 30 and 45 cm, but it can reach 60 cm at times. It is normally found during the day between 0,5 and 16 meters.
Stoplight parrotfish, initial phase

The colors of the Stoplight parrotfish in the initial phase, when it could be either a male or a female, are dramatically different from those in the terminal phase, when it's definitely a male.

The common name, stoplight, comes from the marked yellow spot near the pectoral fin, which is clearly visible only in specimens in the terminal phase.

Dimensions Up to 24" (61 cm).

Habitat Estuaries, tidal flats & salt marshes, Ocean or bay shallows, Tidepools.

Range Southeast, Florida, Texas.