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Tiger Rockfish Sebastes nigrocinctus


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Tiger Rockfish
credit: Chad King

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Family: Scorpaenidae, Scorpionfishes view all from this family

Description The tiger rockfish Sebastes nigrocinctus (also banded rockfish, and black-banded rockfish) is a fish found in rocky reefs and boulder fields. Specific habitats were the fish has been found are Kodiak Island, Prince William Sound, parts of Alaska, and parts of California. It is said that this species of fish may be somewhat territorial, and somewhat aggressive in certain cases. The fish lurks between crevices in rocks, and coral reefs.

Scientists have dated some fish to be up to 166 years old. This species is very vulnerable, with a minimum population doubling time of 14 years.

The tiger rockfish reaches a maximum length of 16 inches. It has 13 dorsal spines, which can be very heavy, and sharp. The fish has 13 to 15 dorsal soft-rays, 3 anal spines and 5 to 7 anal soft rays. The fish have a highly noticeable concavity between the eyes, with thick, and course outer scales. The fish are dark olive above, and a yellowish color below. The body has 5 or 6 black or dark olive vertical stripes, with 2 dark bars coming off of each eye. The lips are fringed with pink.

Dimensions Up to 24" (61 cm).

Warning The dorsal and anal fins contain mildly venomous spines.

Habitat Ocean or bay shallows, Open ocean.

Range California, Northwest, Western Canada, Alaska.