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Granite Night Lizard Xantusia henshawi


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Granite Night Lizard, Granite subspecies
credit: Chris Brown

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Alternate name: Henshaw's Night Lizard

Family: Xantusiidae, Night Lizards view all from this family

Description Gray/tan with large dark spots/blotches. Flat-body. Soft skin, scales on head large. Square scales on belly, 14 across.

Dimensions 10-14.3cm. (4-5 5/8")

Subspecies Granite Night Lizard - Light color with large dark spots. California peninsular range into Baja California.
Sandstone Night Lizard - lighter than Granite Night Lizard. California (Santa Rosa Mountains)

Breeding Late spring. Live young. 1-2 born in September.

Habitat Semi-arid and arid rocky areas and outcroppings.

Range Southern California to Baja California.

Discussion Nocturnal. Rarely seen except at dusk or during nighttime. Hides under rocks and rocky slopes in its habitat. Mostly eat insects, small lizards and spiders.