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Hermit Warbler Dendroica occidentalis


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Hermit Warbler, male
credit: N/A /CCSA

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Parulidae, Wood Warblers view all from this family

Description ADULT MALE Has mostly blackish gray upperparts with two bold white wing bars on blackish wings. Tail is white from below, but mostly dark from above, with white outer feathers. Face is bright yellow, framed by black nape, throat, and chest. Underparts are mostly white, with only faint streaking. ADULT FEMALE Similar, but black elements on upperparts are grayer and has grayish ear coverts and crown. IMMATURE Similar to adult female, but gray elements on upperparts are dull olive-brown. HYBRIDS Usually recall Hermit, but with yellow on underparts, streaked sides, and olive-yellow on back and rump.

Dimensions Length: 4 1/2 in (11 cm)

Habitat Locally common summer visitor (May-Aug) to mature coniferous forests. Winters in Central America.

Observation Tips A challenge to see.

Range Northwest, California, Southwest, Texas

Voice Song is a wheezy rattle; call is a thin tsip.

Discussion Pacific specialty. Breeding range overlaps with Townsend's in Oregon and Washington; hybrids are often noted. Secretive and often feeds high in treetops. Sexes are separable.