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Mediterranean Gecko Hemidactylus turcicus


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Mediterranean Gecko
credit: ZooFari

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Alternate name: Mediterranean House Gecko

Family: Gekkonidae, Geckos view all from this family

Description Elliptical pupils, and yellow- tan skin with black spots, often with stripes on the tail. Their bellies or undersides are somewhat translucent. Small, granular scales. Tail ringed with tubercles.

Dimensions 10.2-12.7cm. (4-5")

Voice High pitched squeak or call.

Breeding Breed under bark or rocky outcrops. Also under palm trees and occupied buildings. Eggs seen under translucent skin of females underside in summer.

Range Florida, Louisiana to Texas and Arizona. Orginially from the Mediterranean, Muddle east and India.

Discussion Darts along walls and ceilings during dawn and twilight to catch insects flatting around lights. Very territorial, males will defend foraging areas. Eggs can be seen under skin on underbelly on females in summer.