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Absinthium Artemisia absinthium


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Alternate name: Absinthe Wormwood

Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description Introduced. A low-growing silvery shrub that is considered a noxious weed in some areas.
Height: 18-48" (45-120 cm).
Leaves: 2-4" (5-10 cm) long; finely divided into small segments; lower leaves longer-stalked than upper; grayish; finely hairy.
Flowers: tiny; in leaf axils; yellowish-green or purple.

Warning Although it has been used for medicinal purposes, this plant is habit-forming and contains neurotoxic agents that can cause brain damage if taken over a long period.

Habitat Disturbed habitats, roadsides, fencerows, fields, pastures, waste places.

Range Old World native; introduced in North America and naturalized in Canada and the northern United States.

Discussion This fast-growing plant is considered a noxious or invasive weed in many areas of North America. It is more likely to colonize disturbed habitats than well-established native grasslands but is still capable of crowding out native flora. Also known as Absinthe Wormwood or Wormwood.