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Mountain Maple Acer spicatum


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Mountain Maple
credit: Molly Cavaleri, U.S. Forest Service

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Family: Aceraceae, Maple view all from this family

Description A deciduous shrub or small tree. Crown spreading. Trunk short. Bark thin, dull gray-brown, and smooth at first but becoming slightly scaly. Branches slender. Leaves coarsely and irregularly toothed, opposite and simple, 6-10 cm. long and wide, with 3 or 5 shallow broad lobes. They turn brilliant yellow to red in autumn, on slender stalks usually longer than the blade. Fruit 2-3 cm. long, a paired reddish samara.

Dimensions Height: 7.6 m. (25 ft.)
Diameter: 15 cm. (6 in.).

Habitat Mountains.

Range Plains, Mid-Atlantic, Eastern Canada, Southeast, Great Lakes, New England.

Discussion A source of sugar and can be boiled to make maple syrup. Bark contains tannins, used in tanning leather.