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Planetree Maple Acer pseudoplatanus


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Planetree Maple
credit: O. Pichard/CCSA

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Alternate name: Sycamore Maple

Family: Aceraceae, Maple view all from this family

Description Large deciduous tree. Crown broad, domed. Bark smooth, grey, rougher with age, breaking into scales, exposing pale-brown-to-pinkish inner bark. Leaves 10–25 cm. long, opposite, broad with 5–15 cm. petiole, palmately veined with five lobes, toothed edges, dark green. Some cultivars purple-tinged or yellowish. Flowers monoecious, yellow-green on 10–20 cm. pendulous racemes, 20-50 flowers per stalk. Seeds 5–10 mm. diameter, paired in samaras, with wings 20–40 mm.

Dimensions Height: 21 m. (60 ft.)
Diameter: 0.6 m. (2 ft.).

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns, Beaches & shorelines.

Range New England, Great Lakes, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic.

Discussion Similarity to the plane led to this tree being named pseudoplatanus, using the prefix pseudo- (Ancient Greek for "false"). In Scotland, the Sycamore is known as the Plane tree, although it is not a member of the Platanus genus. Introduced to North America during colonial period. Planted for timber production; used for musical instrument making, furniture, wood flooring and parquetry. Traditionally used in making the backs, necks and scrolls of violins.