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Norway Maple Acer platanoides


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Norway Maple, flowers
credit: Rasbak/CCSA

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Family: Aceraceae, Maple view all from this family

Description A tall deciduous tree often used for shade. Crown broad, rounded. Bark grey-brown, shallowly grooved. Branches widely spreading, ascending. Shoots green becoming pale brown; winter buds, shiny red-brown. Leaves opposite, palmately lobed with five lobes, 7–14 cm long and 8–20 cm. across; lobes each bear one to three side teeth, and an otherwise smooth margin. Leaf petiole 8–20 cm. long, secretes a milky juice when broken. Autumn color usually yellow, occasionally orange-red. Flowers in corymbs of 15–30 together, yellow to yellow-green with five sepals and five petals 3–4 mm long; flowering occurs in early spring before the new leaves emerge. Fruit a double samara with two winged seeds. Seeds disc-shaped, strongly flattened, 10–15 mm. across and 3 mm. thick. Wings 3–5 cm. long,.

Dimensions Height: 18 m. ( 60 ft.)
Diameter: 0.6 m. (2 ft.).

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns, Fields.

Range Plains, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Northwest, Texas, Great Lakes, New England, Eastern Canada, Rocky Mountains, Western Canada.

Discussion Considered an invasive species. Still widely used for some urban plantings; banned in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Seeds wind-dispersed. Distance from seed source enhanced by winged samaras.