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Amur Maple Acer ginnala


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Amur Maple
© Paul Wray, Iowa State University/

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Family: Aceraceae, Maple view all from this family

Description Introduced; invasive. A multistemmed shrub or small tree with smooth gray-brown bark, becoming rough and furrowed with age.
Height: 15-20' (4.5-6 m).
Leaves: 1 1/2-3" (4-7.5 cm) long; palmately lobed, with very long-pointed center lobe; leaf edges coarsely toothed; dark green, turning red in fall.
Flowers: tiny, yellow, in small clusters; sweet-smelling; in spring.
Fruit: 3/4-1" (2-2.5 cm) long, paired, parallel-winged keys; pink to red in summer; remain on tree into winter.

Habitat Disturbed habitats, prairies, woodlands.

Range Native of China, Manchuria, and Japan; escaped from cultivation in the northeastern United States, reported from Maine to Kentucky, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Discussion With its seeds carried by the wind and randomly deposited, this exotic maple has the potential to spread into native habitats. It is considered an invasive plant throughout New England and in parts of the Midwest, where it has infiltrated some native prairie and woodland habitats. North America has many native maples that are excellent plants for the garden, and far better for our native habitats than Amur Maple and other alien species.