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Everglades Palm Acoelorraphe wrightii


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Alternate name: Paurotis Palm, Saw Cabbage

Family: Arecaceae, Palm view all from this family

Description Small to moderately tall, slender palm that grows in clusters, covered with reddish-brown leafstalk bases. Leaves palmate (fan-shaped), with segments joined to each other for about half of their length, and are 1–2 m. wide, light-green above, and silver underneath. Leaf petiole is 1–1.2 m long, with orange, curved, sharp teeth along the edges. Flowers are minute, inconspicuous and greenish, with 6 stamens. Trunk covered with fibrous matting. Fruit pea-sized, orange ripening to black.

Dimensions Height: 10.76 m. (35 ft.)
Trunk diameter: 18 cm. (6 in.).

Habitat Swamps (fresh & salt), Cities, suburbs & towns.

Range Florida.