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Striped Shore Crab Pachygrapsus crassipes


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Striped Shore Crab
credit: Matt Knoth/CCSA

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Description Pachygrapsus crassipes, known as the striped shore crab or lined shore crab, is a small crab found on rocky and hard-mud shores of the west coast of North and Central America. Its range spans from Oregon to Baja California, Mexico. Typically, this crab will have a brown/purple or black carapace with green stripes. Its carapace is square and can reach 4 to 5 cm in size. The claws are red/purple with a mottled pattern on the upper surface, and white on the lower surface, while its legs are purple and green with a similar mottled appearance.

Habitat Rocks, Mud flats, Salt marshes & estuaries.

Range California, Northwest.