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Red Crab Cancer productus


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Red Crab
credit: Taollan82/CCSA

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Description Cancer productus, one of several species known as the red rock crab, is a crab of the genus Cancer found on the western coast of North America.

Cancer productus has carapace teeth that are somewhat broad and rounded with teeth between the eyes of nearly equal size and shape. The carapace of C. productus is widest at the posterior-most tooth, up to 20.0 cm wide. The pincers are large with distinctive black tips. This species lacks serrations or projections on the ventral side of the claws. Adults have a brick red coloration throughout. The coloration of juvenile C. productus is diverse, often white, sometimes with red spots, or zebra striped.

Habitat Rocks, Salt marshes & estuaries, Tidepools.

Range Northwest, California, Western Canada, Alaska.