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Three-toed Amphiuma Amphiuma tridactylum


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Three-toed Amphiuma
credit: indianaherp/CCSA

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Family: Amphiumidae, Amphiumas view all from this family

Description A salamander with very small short legs, each with 3 toes. Dark brown/gray.

Dimensions 46-106cm. (18-42")

Breeding Breeds December-June. Female lays around 200 internally fertilised eggs in mud and coil their bodies around them for 5 months until hatching. Larvae have external gills, lungs begins irking after 4 months.

Habitat Lakes, streams and ponds.

Range Alabama through to Texas and the Mississippi valley to Missouri and Kentucky.

Discussion Nocturnal, it hides under vegetation during the day. Prey includes frogs, snakes, fish and small insects. Often caught by fishermen who detest them because they eat anything that swims. Rarely seen on land but sometimes happens during heavy rainfall.