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Townsend's Mole Scapanus townsendii


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Townsend's Mole
credit: jkirkhart35/CCSA

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Family: Talpidae, Moles view all from this family

Description Larger than all other moles in North America. Hindfoot exceeds 24mm; tail not as hairy as Broad-footed Mole.

Dimensions 207-237mm, 35-56mm, 100-171g; / 183-209mm, 29-51mm, 50-110g

Habitat Meadows & fields, Cities, suburbs & towns

Range California, Northwest, Western Canada

Discussion May form as many as 800 large mounds per hectare in some areas. Exceptionally large mounds contain a large nest chamber 15-20cm below the surface. Constructs both deep and surface tunnels. Feeds mainly on earthworms, insects, and vegetation. Primarily lowland, below 700m, but up to 1900m in Olympic Mountains. Favors deep, loamy soils in meadows and adjacent areas.