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California Dogface Colias eurydice


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Family: Pieridae, Whites and Sulphurs view all from this family

Description Zerene eurydice, the California dogface butterfly, is sometimes placed in the related genus as Colias eurydice. It is endemic to California, and its state insect insignia.

The California dogface butterfly has been the state insect of the U.S. state of California since 1972. Its endemic range is limited to the state. California was the first state to choose a state insect — and thus, to choose a butterfly — though most of the other states have now followed, and many even have both a state insect and state butterfly.

The 'dogface' name comes from a wing pattern resembling a dog's face (some think it looks like a poodle) which is found on the male of the species. Its wings are an iridescent bluish-black, orange and sulfur-yellow in color. The female has a small black dot on each of its yellow forewings. The typical forewing length is between 22 to 31 mm. and unfortunately lacks the dog-pattern.

Dimensions 1 5/8-2 1/2" (41-64 mm).

Habitat Forests & woodlands, Grasslands & prairies, Meadows & fields, Scrub, shrub & brushlands.

Range California, Southwest.