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Swamp Rabbit Sylvilagus aquaticus


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Swamp Rabbit
credit:  glenn_e_wilson/CCSA

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Family: Leporidae, Hares and Rabbits view all from this family

Description Our largest rabbit; ears are relatively small. Underside of tail is white. Head, back, and upper tail are rusty brown to black; throat and belly are white. Cinnamon eye rings. Feet are pale to reddish.

Dimensions 452-552mm, 50-74mm, 1.6-2.7kg

Habitat Swamps, marshes & bogs

Range Plains, Great Lakes, Southeast, Texas

Discussion Most active at dusk. Good swimmer. Territorial, unlike most cottontails. Males defend territories both vocally and by scent-marking using a chin gland. Animals can be found resting during the heat of the day on stumps and logs, low tree crotches, in honeysuckle tangles, cane patches, and even in grassy patches on the floodplain. Common in swampy areas.