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You send out strong signals! Making just the right vibrations, you can entice the opposite sex from miles away. Lucky for you, your noisy love tactics don't bother the neighbors.

You're an Alligator!

Alligators are noisy animals, especially during the spring mating season. And while both male and female alligators can produce bellowing sounds, those of large males are louder and deeper than those of their female counterparts. But these noises, created vocally above the water's surface, are only part of the story. From a source deep within their abdomens, males also produce extremely powerful sounds in the subsonic end of the lower register. These sounds (like those produced by the largest whales) travel well underwater and may serve to attract females from many miles away, particularly if the sender is very large and therefore capable of using its massive internal resonating chamber to produce extremely low vibrations.

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