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Long-eared Owl

Yesterday (early evening) while tending to my feeders, I heard shreiking that I'd never heard before. I was fortunate to then see two large birds land in the trees less than 100 yards away. With just enough light and time I was able to get the binoculars and get a good look at one of them. I feel confident that they were Long-eared Owls. What a thrill! However, my bird guides say this part of the country is not within their habitat. Is it possible that I saw Long-eared owls in Eastern North Carolina?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

It is possible that you did see long-eared owls in eastern NC. They have been recorded there, though rare. The other possibility, of course, is the great horned owl, which also has long ear tufts. Take a look at the two in the field guide of this web site. GHH

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