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Strage bird on New Year's Day

On New Year's Day I found 2 unusual birds in my arborvida by my feeders and birdbath. The were MOST unusual. Approx. robin side only fatter (possibly puffed due to the cold) darkish brown w/ spots. (reminded me of a baby robin - only larger) The face was so cool! The one turned and looked in the window - he looked like an owl w/out the hooked beak. He/she had a reg. small yellowish bird beak. The face had larger black eyes, and the feathers (goldish tipped) went back over the face in graduated-type look. - the way and owl's face looks. I haven't seen them since! What are they? I am SO curious.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

The winter plumages of European starlings are very spotted, or speckled, and they have black eyes and yellow bills. They look very different in the winter, with all those spots, than in the summer when the spots disappear into all black birds. Therefore, I would guess that at the birds were a mated pair of European starlings, which are common in your region. GHH

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