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eNature photo copyrights

Can I use some of your photographs for a personal, non-commercial project?

We frequently get requests to use our images. Many such requests are for very worthwhile and educational projects. Unfortunately, the eNature image license restricts us from allowing any such usages.

All eNature images are copyrighted and may not be reused without permission of the photographer. (The rare exceptions to this are royalty-free images from government agencies, such as the National Park Service or the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.)

If you are interested in obtaining permission to use a particular photograph that appears on this Web site, you should contact the photographer directly.

In many cases, there is contact information in the individual photographer's gallery which can be accessed by clicking the photographer's name/credit under the photo in question. Some photographer's are also handled by agencies, which you could contact, as well. If there is an agency, the agency name will follow the photographer's name in the credit.

We hope this helps,

eNature Staff

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