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Feeding wildlife

Is it okay to feed wildlife?

The question of feeding wild animals is a difficult one to address. The easy answer is: no, we never should feed wild animals, as it interferes with their natural behavior. Yet there are numerous contradictions to this philosophy coming from the same agencies and individuals that espouse it.

It is obvious that the presence of our homes and roads is quite an imposition on the natural behavior of wild animals, so the desire to give a little back is a natural response for people that care about non-human beings. Perhaps the best approach is to use good sense and offer small amounts of food on an irregular schedule so that your neighborhood wildlife don't become too dependent or too concentrated as a result of your handouts. Consider landscaping with native plants that might offer food and shelter for the animals you wish to accommodate. Whether you are feeding birds, deer, or jackrabbits, remember that these are wild animals whose populations should fluctuate according to natural conditions.

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