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Albino Oppossum

How rare is an albino oppossum? I have been searching for this answer since I have seen this critter numerous times by my house. Please let me know. Thank You.

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

I can’t find specific information on the frequency of occurrence of true albinism in opossums, but I find many records of the condition in nature. I will speculate that it is likely that there would be a high percentage of this genetically inherited trait in this species for several reasons: Because opossums are a nearly white in their natural coloration, they wouldn’t be subject to a huge change in selective pressure (compared to white mice or rats). Because they are nocturnal, they wouldn’t suffer from sunlight related problems (which plague day active albinos). For these reasons, I can imagine that albino opossums might be more likely to survive to breeding age than other species with this condition.

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