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1. How do salamanders give birth?

2. Is a salamander like a worm, whereby if its tail gets cut/ broken off... what exactly does happen?

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

Salamanders lay eggs (some on land, some underwater).

Salamanders are more complex animals than worms, but they actually have a greater capacity for regeneration than do worms (most worms donít really regenerate lost body parts). Many Salamanders can regrow their tails when they are lost, this allows them to escape predators without dying. The loss of a tail can stress the salamander so severely that it may die later if it canít get enough to eat to replace the lost fat and protein. Salamanders also have the ability to regrow severed limbs, after time these regenerated limbs will even grow normal toes! This sort of complex cell regeneration is quite interesting to scientists who are involved in cell research, these salamanders may hold the secret to growing tissues and even organs in the lab without using stem cells in the process.

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