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Creatures of the Pond Surface!

At the end of September, on a sunny afternoon in Texas, I saw: seven shiny, black animals darting across the surface of a pond. The creatures were about the size of the last segment of an adult human finger, and were quite like over-sized watermellon seeds in shape and color. They had no visible eyes, antenna, or legs. Just shiny black teardrops, darting about--very quickly in some instances. Can you tell me what these were so I may learn more about them?

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

You probably saw a group of Whirligig beetles, your description was perfect. These beetles are named for the frenetic behavior you witnessed. They live on the surface of ponds and slow streams all over the country. If you were to look at thhem through a magnifier, you would see that they actually have four eyes, one pair above the water surface, and one pair with which they see underwater.

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