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Walking on a lunch break Ifound a colony of lizard 8-12"long,heavy body build,like minature of KomodoDragon, almost like rubber toys,greyish biack body but on the top from head to rear legs vivid green patches, only on ground hiding under the ixiora bush,very shy, running away differently than other anole,skink ex running few steps than stop,few steps-stop only this patern.I didn't see anything in Fla Field Guide/living 10 yearshere

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

I can’t give you a definitive guess based on your description, I knew you were writing from southeast Florida as soon as you described this large, strange lizard. There have been more exotic reptiles that have become established in your area than even the field guides can keep up with. Currently there are Knight Anoles, Spiny Iguanas, Giant Ameivas, and Basilisk lizards living and breeding in your area, ( these are all within the size range you describe), and none of them are native to Florida. Who knows, the “colony” you describe ma be the next new invasive species that hasn’t even hit the charts yet. See if you can get a decent photograph of one of these mystery beasts and send it to us, I’d love to see if I can figure out what it is.

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