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A first grader in Ms. Dew's class at North Ridge Elementary class wants to know if Bats eat Bees. We have researched everywhere and can't find the answer. Please help.

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

With few exceptions, the bats found in North America feed on insects, mainly flying insects. Most species of Bat feed at night, but hunting usually starts before it is completely dark. Bees are mainly day active, but a few species may still fly in the evening in warm climates. It is possible that some bats will occasionally eat bees, but bats and bees probably donít cross paths too often. If you want to see which types of insects fly at night look around a bright outdoor light on a warm summer evening. Youíll see hundreds of different types of insects including beetles, moths, flies and wasps, but seldom any bees. If you want to learn all about bats, there is one GREAT website: Bat Conservation International where youíll find tons of great information on all things bat related.

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