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Goldenrod Spider

Hi we found what we identify as a golden rod spider in a jalapeno plant in our garden about 3 weeks ago and we put it in a jar. We have enjoyed watching it. This morning we noticed that it was smaller and then realized that it made a sack. I was reading on the web that the mother spider dies before the babies hatch. My question is: How long until the babies will hatch? Days,weeks,months? Please if you know could you let me know. Thanks,Lydia

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

The goldenrod Spider is a type of crab spider, there are probably a dozen different species found in your area, so I can't be positive about the life cycle of the individual you have captured. Some are born in the late fall and pass the winter as babies, some don't leave the egg sac until spring. If you have had this particular spider in captivity for a long time you must also consider the possibility that she never mated and that means that the eggs are infertile and will never hatch.

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