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Your answer re: Gambusia with Goldfish

I disagree with the answer given regarding adding Gambusia to a goldfish pond. Gambusia are prolific livebearers and useful in open area mosquito control, but can be very aggressive and are fin-nippers in a confined space, and they have no color. A better solution, and good even in colder areas is the White Cloud, Tanichthys albonubes. They are hardy, breed easily for egglayers, school, and are beautiful in sunlight. Fancy Guppies are also good in warmer climates. Another livebearer as a good choice for southern native US indigenous or more natural home ponds is Heterandria Formosa

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Thank you for your input on this matter. I didn't write that answer, my predecessor did, but I'll post your suggestions for other readers' edification. It's important to add that non-native fish should not be introduced into locations from which they could spread.

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