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Attracting Deer

I've read lots of commentary from folks whose gardens are being eaten down to the nubs by deer, and as a result are needing advice on how to safely and humanely keep their munching at bay. I'm one of the oddballs who would actually like to attract more deer into my habitat, as they offer me such a sense of peace, and they are natural pruners on my 3 acres. Do you have any tips on how to attract deer? What types of plants and grasses do they really enjoy? I also have an empty, modern horsebarn that I would love for them to use as shelter on a regular basis. How can I make that more inviting to them?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

I don't advise enticing more deer to your property. First, you will antagonize your neighbors, who will vent their frustration on the deer. Second, unnatural concentrations of deer (and other wildlife) create conduits for disease transmission. I have no doubt that deer already occur in your area at an unnaturally high density, and you shouldn't do anything to increase it. There is an overabundance of deer nearly everywhere, and they are damaging the environment severely.

I sincerely doubt that deer would use a barn as shelter no matter how attractive you try to make it. I just don't think they would feel safe in an enclosed space such as that.

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