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Storm preperation of Crocodiles

Yes we were wondering what alligators and crocodiles do like now in Florida when the hurricanes come. Where the go to be safe?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Few animals are better equipped than crocodilians to withstand hurricanes. Obviously, they're great swimmers, and they're able to hold their breath for a long time. They're heavy, strong, and low to the ground and so aren't affected much by wind, as birds are. They can go long periods without food. Sure, the odd crocodilian could be injured or killed during a severe storm - say, if a tree fell on it or it got washed onto a road and hit by a car - but such incidents are rare. A hurricane is no big deal for these animals, so they don't need to go anywhere - which is fortunate, because they don't travel very fast! Birds, on the other hand, may die in large numbers during these storms.

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