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Birds Gone Bald

I have noticed lately that some blue jays and blackbirds are showing up at my bird feeders that seem to be losing the feathers on their heads (they are going bald). I know that I am in a West Nile area and am curious if this is one of the symptoms of West Nile in birds? Is there someone that I should contact if it is? I know that if I find dead birds there is a number to call but I am not sure about live bald birds.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

The problem with your birds is not West Nile. Your birds have a parasite problem, which is very common this time of the year among blue jays, blackbirds and northern cardinals. The head feathers fall out, and the skin beneath is dark. Do not worry about the birds. The feathers will grow back, and the birds will survive.

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