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Downy Woodpecker Behavior

I made a raw peanut feeder that most non-ground feeding birds use. At times, I have observed a downy woodpecker literally keeping stone still for over 8 minutes at this feeder, just hanging on the side with the nuts in its face. NO MOVEMENT at all. I mean none. I am wondering if it is snoozing? Intently listening for insects inside the peanut shells, which of course there are none? It is a most interesting behavior because most animals do not stay in one place very long, regardless.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

My guess is that a hawk or other predator was seen by the downy, and it froze in that position to keep from being seen. It is common for birds to freeze in a position or fly away when a predatory bird flies over or lands in a tree nearby. I believe that is what happen to the downy.

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