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E Box Turtle-Gestation

Hello Sir, I have a female E Box turtle in my field for past several years. She has made two borrows and I believe layed her eggs. I have not disturbed this area and have let Nature take its course. But I would like to know what is the gestation period for the hatchlings to appear? It is now 61 days since she has layed her eggs, which I saw by accident her so doing. I have tried researching web for this info, but have not found conclusive information. I live in PA and weather has been mild to hot, and relatively wet of late. This info may help in your response. Many thanks in advance for your help, With regards, Victor Zarrelli

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

For eggs, it's called incubation, not gestation. The typical period for box turtles is about 9-10 weeks, so they should be appearing within a week or so if they hatch. However, fall hatchlings may overwinter in the nest and emerge in the spring, though that shouldn't happen in this case.

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