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We have a tarantula that is wild and she has lived in our area for the last 4 years. Tonight I went outside and discoved baby tarantulas coming out of the hole. What will happen to these babies? Will they stay with the mother? Is there any way to protect them? And when well the mother come back out of her hole. Any other information you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

The vast majority of the young will die soon. That's simply the nature of most invertebrate reproduction: large numbers of young (in this case up to 1,000) with very high mortality. Protecting them would be tampering with natural processes and making them no longer wild tarantulas; don't do it! They are dispersing, and those that survive will make their own burrows. They've been in the burrow with their mother 3-6 days since hatching; she will emerge shortly.

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