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I have a fox in my area. I live in the HappyHollow comminty of Florence Alabama the NorthWest region. Very wooded area. This Fox only comes around when my cat is allowed out at night. Around Feburary this Fox tried to eat her. I do not want to kill it, but. Tell me what I need to do to prevent my cat from being killed and still give her her freedom. My backyard is ceritfied with NWF, and killing this animal is hard to think about. Help. Will someone in animal control catch it, or will they provide traps for me to relocate the animal? Markings are very light almost blonde, size is like the size of a med. dog. Thank you for your time Glynis

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton


It sounds more like a Coyote than a fox to me.

I am firmly of the opinion that pets are not entitled to freedom at the expense of wildlife. If it were up to me, I would even go so far as to say that a backyard with cats isn't qualified to be certified as wildlife habitat. Trapping and relocating wild animals so pets can roam free and kill other wild animals is simply not a viable option. You can build an enclosure for your cat so she can be outside but separate from wildlife.

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