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Unknown type of large bird

Today I spotted a huge bird. Using my field glasses, it looked just like the bald eagle pictures but the head was more of a real light cream color with a few splashes of a light golden color. While in flight the underside of its tail was white, but when sitting on a fencepost you couldn't see the white. The wingspan was huge. Except for the occasional visiting heron, it was by far the largest bird I've seen here. It also had a curved dark beak. I have looked at all kinds of eagle and hawk pictures and the only one that is close to the bird I saw is the bald eagle. Do you have any ideas what this bird was? We live in farm country and have a very large pond that attracts lots of wildlife. There aren't many trees about, but we do have a pair of red-tailed hawks that have nested at the end of our field in a large old tree.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

My guess is that you saw a golden eagle, which does migrate through your region. It shows white on the tail in flight and has a golden (cream) colored head.

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