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Hummingbird Feeding

I live in southern California and pretty much have hummingbirds all year around. We are going to be on vacation soon for six days. I usually have a pet sitter keep my feeders filled. However, making up enough nectar for the birds for the period I am gone is very pain staking. Would the birds be okay if I removed the feeders before leaving? I feel rather guilty about this. Will they return?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

Don't worry about the hummingbirds while you are away. Birds DO NOT become dependent on people to feed them. Even with feeders available, 75 percent of their food comes from the wild. In addition, there are many other people feeding birds in your area, and your birds may visit them while you are away. For that reason, when you return, it may be a couple of days before your birds return to your yard.

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